August 2019

Kwita Izina is a century old Rwandan tradition of naming newly born human babies. in 2005, it was adapted to Mountain Gorillas by the Rwandan Development Board, Partners and local communities in an innovative effort to actively protect Mountain Gorillas and their habitat.

The ceremony is being attended by thousands of international, regional and local participants every year and the main event takes place at the foot of mount Sabyinyo, in Kinigi.

The celebration has played a huge role in bridging divides that often results from community conflicts with conservation imperatives and protected areas. It should be regarded as one of the most innovative conservation initiative on the continent.

In 2019, 25 baby gorillas have been named during the Kwita Ceremony and I was priviledged to trek 14 families and photograph 22 out of the 25 babies.

The ceremony took place on the 6th of september.

Group Kwitonda

Mother’s name: Icyamamare

Group Kwitonda

Mother’s name: Mbilimbili

Group Muhoza

Mother’s name: Twitaweho

Group Musirikare

Mother’s name: Izihirwe

Group Hirwa

Mother’s name: Kabatwa

Group Agashya

Mother’s name: Ahazaza

Group Amahoro

Mother’s name: Mbere

Group Amahoro

Mother’s name: Mudahinyuka

Group Umubano

Mother’s name: Umwumba

Group Ntambara

Mother’s name: Nsanganira

Group Ntambara

Mother’s name: Kurinda

Group Sabyinyo

Mother’s name: Umurinzi

Group Sabyinyo

Mother’s name: Umutungo

Group Isimbi

Mother’s name: Ruhuka

Group Isimbi

Mother’s name: Isura

Group Kureka

Mother’s name: Akamaro

Group Susa

Mother’s name: Ruvumu

Group Igisha

Mother’s name: Imphuwe

Group Igisha

Mother’s name: Bikereri

Group Pablo

Mother’s name: Teta

Group Pablo

Mother’s name: Shishikara

Group Pablo

Mother’s name: Gutangara

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